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"The Festival of Fish-soup in the capital of fish-soup"

In 1996, when Baja celebrated the 300th anniversary of its city status, this event was hold so as to create a tradition. On this occasion Baja fish-soup was cooked in 300 cauldrons set up in the main square of the city. The festival proved to be so successful that the gastronomical marvel known as "Baja fish-soup" was boiling in 2000 cauldrons in the year 2000. The vast open air fish inn, which can host 30000 people, provides its guests with international, high quality folk and pop music entertainment. The participants are greeted with fireworks at midnight then central square turns into a huge dance hall and the fun begins.

Whole-day programme: Pleasure-boat trip on the Danube into Gemenc forest, and an excursion by the forest rail

The pleasure-boat leaves at 9.30 from Baja, the river harbour of Gemenc Zrt. (Charles IV quay) and reaches the dock on Gemenc Danube bank which is also a stop for the forest rail. From there the group travels on by a scheduled train to Bárányfok (or to Malomtelelő or Pörböly). There is 50 minute free-time in Bárányfok. During that time tourists can visit the forest path or the restaurant, buffet and the museum. Arrival back to Baja at 15.30. The pleasure boat leaves every Saturday from 8 May to 25 August.

Organization and tickets: Infó-Tourist Utazási Iroda Baja, Halászpart 4/c.
Tel: 00 36 79/426-525, 00 36 79/427-533
E-mail: infotourist@fibermail.hu


Baja is located in the southern part of Hungary along Road 51. It is situated approximately 168 km from Budapest, 20-30 km from the border. The hospitality, the colourful traditional culture of the people living here has made the town a significant tourist centre. The town built on the left bank of the Danube, its surroundings, the sunshine, the water, the forest rich in animals and plants all catch the visitors' eyes. Baja is the town of water. The Danube, the Sugovica, the tributaries and the backwaters combined with the town's mediterranian atmosphere all offer ideal conditions for those on holiday or seeking rest, and also for the fans of water sports: rowing, boating, canoeing, swimming, motor boating, jet-skiing.